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Kusum Yojana Maharashtra 2024: Kusum Registration

Are you searching for information on PM KUSUM Yojana Maharashtra (Saur Urja Yojana)? Look no further; you’ve landed on the right page. If you’re from Maharashtra, this article will guide you through the entire process of Online Solar Pump Booking.

Kusum Solar Pump Yojana Maharashtra 2024

PM KUSUM Solar Yojana, also known as Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan, was launched in 2019. Under this scheme, there are three main components through which a farmer can benefit, including solar pump installation, lease income, and discom benefit:

  • Component A: Lease Income for Farmers. Farmers can lease their land to solar energy producers, earning a substantial monthly income.
  • Component B: 60% Subsidy on Solar Water Pump Conversion. If you replace your diesel/electric pump with a solar water pump, you can receive a 60% subsidy from the government.
  • Component C: Electricity Generation with Solar Panels. You can use solar panels to generate electricity, which you can then sell to the Discom.

Maharashtra Government’s Goal for Maha Urja Kusum Yojana

The Maharashtra government, in collaboration with the central government, aims to convert 3 crore petrol and diesel irrigation pumps into solar pumps across the state through the Saur Urja Kusum Solar Pump Yojana. The goal is to adopt solar energy for 40% of the country’s energy production methods by 2030.

PM KUSUM Yojana Solar Pump Price 2024

Farmers often require water for continuous irrigation of their fields, and diesel or electric pumps can be expensive and less efficient in the long run. Therefore, the government provides facilities and subsidies for the installation of solar pumps.

Under this scheme, farmers can receive up to 90% relief on the pump’s cost, with only a 10% contribution required. This includes:

  • 60% subsidy from the government
  • 30% loan subsidy

Below are the prices of solar pumps, including GST:

  • 3 HP: Rs. 1,93,803 (General Category) / Rs. 19,380 (SC/ST Category)
  • 5 HP: Rs. 2,69,746 (General Category) / Rs. 26,975 (SC/ST Category)
  • 7.5 HP: Rs. 3,74,402 (General Category) / Rs. 37,440 (SC/ST Category)

Maharashtra Kusum Yojana Online Registration 2024 Update

The implementation of the Maharashtra PM KUSUM Yojana is carried out statewide by MEDA (Maharashtra Energy Development Agency). This department helps farmers benefit from the Official Solar Pump Agency.

By following these steps, you can complete the registration process for the Maharashtra Kusum Yojana and take advantage of the benefits offered under this scheme. Make sure to stay vigilant and use the official government portal to avoid falling victim to fraudulent websites.

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